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Events Reforestation

Verde que te quiero Verde: DHL Express y la Reforestación

DHL Worldwide Express patrocina la plantación de 250 árboles.


Events Reforestation

El Eco de la Navidad: 500 Árboles Nuevos en el Valle de Quijos

Unidos en acción, Birdwatchers y la comunidad de San Francisco de Borja.


Events Reforestation

Pluspetrol and the Founding of America by a Park more Green

Historic day of reforestation with Pluspetrol: 1200 trees are rooted in Quito.


Events Reforestation

Planting Smiles and Sustainability in the Children's Shelter

Mondelez International: Support continuous growth of the Children's Shelter.



The Foundation operates with funds provided by its members, the friends of the Foundation and the participants of our activities.
The operating costs of the Foundation are minimal, we do not have headquarters, currently only one of our staff received remuneration, in this way the bulk of the resources that we receive goes to the projects.

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Central to the success of our activities is the work of hundreds of volunteers, students, families, officials of the companies and organizations that enable us to his work, making it possible to plant thousands of trees at a minimum cost.

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