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Participates with your family or company and Reforest Ecuador

We extend a cordial invitation to join our Conference Reforestation, or as we call with affection, Days of Restoration of Habitat. This experience is unique and enriching gives you the chance to connect with nature and to actively contribute to the revitalization of our ecosystems. Invite your friends, coworkers and family to join this noble cause.

In addition, we want empoderarte so that you can lead your own Days of Reforestation in the bosom of your company, educational institution, or family environment. We will be at your side, providing logistical and technical support necessary to make your project a reality with a lasting positive impact.


Identifies places where planting

Sites that do not have trees, because they were deforested or degraded by agricultural, commercial or industrial use, and their owners are willing to plant some there.

Through an agreement that includes a commitment to maintain these areas for conservation, ReforestemosEcuador mobilize resources, and volunteers to that in those areas have again forests.

The pioneers of this program are the Ecotourism Project Tambo Condor Hacienda Los Mortiños, the Biological Reserve of Rio Bigal and IPEGES with whom we are pushing the Booking Ecotourism Eva Román.

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We plant hope for a sustainable future.

The social and environmental responsibility is key in the world of business and organizational. To integrate it into the business strategy, to foster a culture of sustainability and to measure the impact are key steps to achieve success sustainable. #Sustainability #ResponsabilidadSocial #ÉxitoEmpresarial

Planted Trees