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Guido Rada, Director of FECSE, highlights the importance of reforestation in the fight against climate change in an interview with Gamavisión

In an effort to raise awareness about the seriousness of climate change and the need to unite to combat it, Guido Rada, Director of the Ecuadorian Conservation Foundation Sembrando Esperanza (FECSE), was invited to an interview on Gamavisión. During the conversation, Guido Rada emphasized the challenge we all have to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote a more sustainable future.


The interview began with a reflection on the current situation of the planet, where Rada stressed that we can all contribute with a grain of sand, however, as the challenge is enormous, we can often feel overwhelmed, climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. "The approach sometimes is to get sad, to get down, there is little we can do. In the end we can all do something, we can all contribute with a grain of sand," were the words of Guido Rada.


A great effort was made on April 25, in a day of reforestation in the Metropolitan Park, 150 trees were planted with the help of private enterprise and volunteers, Rada explained the importance of this great effort in the fight against climate change. "The trees capture carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, in their roots, in their trunks, in their branches, they capture C02, which causes so much damage to the planet," he said.


He also emphasized that it is not only the fight against climate change, but also the recovery of biodiversity and natural ecosystems. In addition, forests also help regulate the climate and prevent floods and droughts.


During the interview, Rada also discussed the reforestation projects that FECSE is working on and the importance of working with the community. "The reforestation projects are: Quijos Valley, Hacienda los Mortiños, Tambo Condor and Parque Metropolitano. They are all different places, different species are required, the soil has different characteristics. What we do, in conjunction with the community is to evaluate the conditions of the place and make an intervention," he said.


The interview ended with a call to action to the audience to join the fight against climate change. "Every person can make a difference. It doesn't matter if it's a grain of sand or a big project, the important thing is that we unite and work together to protect our planet," concluded Rada.



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