Take Action And Plant A Tree

Reforestemos Ecuador revitaliza el Parque Metropolitano de Quito, plantando 10.070 árboles y uniendo ciudadanos y naturaleza.

Tambo Condor in Pintag, a beacon of ecotourism and bird watching, proposes an ecological corridor between De Secas Lagoon and Yeguapamba Hill, linking forests and preserving critical habitats.


With the alliance of Fundación Sembrando Esperanza, Hacienda Los Mortiños is transformed. From forgotten lands to flourishing forests, we combat climate change and embrace biodiversity. Together, we build a sustainable legacy for future generations.


Be part of this green revolution for generations to come!

The Bigal River Biological Reserve, located near the Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, is a lush evergreen forest that harbors unique biodiversity.

In 2020, two foundations joined forces to revitalize degraded areas of the reserve through the ReforestemosEcuador project.

ReforestemosEcuador and Birdwatchers of the Quijos Valley promote ecotourism in the Valley, diversifying local income and planting 5,000 trees to reinforce its biodiversity.

Planted Trees